“Your Weekly Dose of Goat” Debuts on YouTube

(May 2020) — Al Johnson’s Swedish Restaurant & Butik has announced the online release of a new weekly video series, “Your Weekly Dose of Goat,” which has debuted on the well-known company’s YouTube Channel (youtube.com/c/AlJohnsonsSwedishRestaurantButik).

Lars Johnson, co-owner of the popular Door County business, said the new video series, filmed at Al Johnson’s rural goat barn north of Sister Bay, has been designed as a fun, informative vehicle aimed at the restaurant’s legions of passionate fans.

“Especially in the face of the current coronavirus health crisis, we can’t ignore the fact that we’re “the place with the goats on the roof,” said Johnson. “We want the public to know that our goat herd, which always numbers at least 15 or 20 goats, is well-cared-for, healthy, and still avidly listening to the Wisconsin Public Radio broadcasts that play in the barn every day. Having goats on our roof, and in our barn, gives us a fun opportunity to inject something lighthearted into a very worried, serious world.”

Since 1973, when the first goat, Oscar, was placed on the restaurant’s green sod roof by Al’s close friend Wink Larson during an annual birthday prank, Al Johnson’s has become synonymous with goats. In fact, as Al Johnson himself noted many times, he had widely traveled the world during the course of his life, and no matter where he went, even to remote areas, people had already heard of his restaurant as “the place with the goats on the roof.”

The first episode of “Your Weekly Dose of Goat” went into production in early April 2020 and went live on YouTube on Friday, May 1st, featuring mother-and-son hosts Jill and Bjorn Johnson (Lars Johnson’s wife and son), who show viewers around the goat paddock and explain a bit of the business’s decades-long history with goats and goat-tending. Future episodes of “Your Weekly Dose of Goat” will cover goat eating habits, goat health, goat news, goat products, and goat personalities, among many other topics.

The new series will also feature occasional visitors to the goat barn, who will drop by during shooting to see the goats and discuss notable aspects of Door County goat history. “We hope fans of our business and our goats will consider subscribing to our YouTube Channel in order to stay in touch with us,” said Lars Johnson. “We have some fun surprises planned for upcoming video segments.”

From Al Johnson’s Swedish Restaurant & Butik, 10698 N. Bay Shore Drive, Sister Bay, WI 54234; 920.854.2626; www.aljohnsons.com.