AL JOHNSON’S FAQ2020-08-27T15:36:41-05:00
Is Al Johnson still alive?2020-08-27T14:52:30-05:00

Sadly, no. Al died in June 2010. But his wife Ingert still owns the business, which is run by Al’s three children, Lars, Annika and Rolf.

Are the goats real?2020-08-27T14:51:57-05:00

Very definitely!

Who first thought of putting goats on Al’s roof?2020-08-27T14:53:09-05:00

Wink Larson. Al and ‘Winky’ traded gag birthday gifts every year. One birthday, Wink gave Al a goat and managed to put him onto the roof himself by means of a ladder. That goat’s name was Oscar.

How do the goats now get up on the roof?2020-08-27T15:37:39-05:00

There’s a three-level ramp in the back.

Are the goats on the roof all year?2020-08-27T15:38:21-05:00

No, they stay at our farm in the winter, and on summer days when it’s raining, too windy, or over 85° F.

Are the goats on the roof all the time?2022-08-30T11:44:40-05:00

No, they go up around 9 a.m. and come back down at 3 p.m.

How many goats are on the roof?2020-08-27T15:40:20-05:00

Usually 4 or 5.

Is there a way to find out whether the goats are on the roof on a particular day?2020-08-27T15:41:02-05:00

The goats should generally be on the roof daily from approximately May through early October, but because it’s weather-dependent, we can’t absolutely guarantee they will be up. If it is too cold, hot, raining, or windy we do not put the goats up.

Do you change the sod on the roof each year?2020-08-27T15:42:05-05:00

No, it grows back by itself, just like your own lawn.

Do you have to mow the sod?2020-08-27T15:42:41-05:00

Parts of it. The goats do a good job of keeping it down, but they don’t munch evenly.

What is a lingonberry?2020-08-27T15:43:15-05:00

It’s a berry with a taste between a cranberry and a currant.

What are Swedish pancakes like?2020-08-27T15:44:04-05:00

They’re like a crepe, thin and flat. Unlike crepes, though, Al’s pancakes are square in shape.

What is limpa bread?2020-08-27T15:44:36-05:00

It’s a light rye bread, but sweeter, and it contains anise and orange peel—and yes, we sell it.

What does “Go Bo!” mean?2020-08-27T15:45:41-05:00

Annika Johnson’s 13-year-old son Bo was sick last year, succumbing to leukemia in Sept. 2012. To show their support, Door County residents hung orange bows, streamers, ribbons and signs across the county: Go Bo! The community-wide love and support have since become the launching pad for the Go Bo! Foundation, which raises funds to support childhood cancer research. Visit for more information:

What does “tack sa mycket” mean?2020-08-27T15:46:14-05:00

“Thank you very much,” in Swedish.

Do you take reservations?2022-08-30T11:43:35-05:00

We do not take reservations, but can give you some insider info on the best times to visit. If you are looking for breakfast and want to beat the rush, we open at 7 a.m. — the restaurant doesn’t start to fill up until about 8:15 a.m. We serve breakfast all day, so you’ll be able to feed your Swedish pancake fix all day long, until 3 p.m., our closing time.

I’m allergic to nuts, can you accommodate my food restrictions?2020-08-27T15:47:29-05:00

We do use nuts in our kitchen and our deep fryers use a canola/sunflower oil blend, but we are very mindful of any cross-contamination (our head chef has a severe nut allergy also). The main thing is to let your server know that you have an allergy and they will be able to guide you in the right direction, and also let our cooks know, so they can possibly prepare an item differently for you.

What happens if I order something online and you’re out-of-stock?2020-08-27T15:48:00-05:00

Thank you for thinking of ordering from us. If an item is backordered, we can also easily pick out another design that is similar or subtract it from your order. Let us know what would work best, or feel free to call us.

Do you serve any gluten-free items?2020-08-27T15:48:33-05:00

We do not have a gluten-free menu, but we have many items that are gluten-free or can be made gluten-free upon request. Please inform your server that you are gluten-free and they will be able to answer any questions or help you with the selection process.

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