(makes 2 sandwiches)



8oz of roasted turkey

8 slices of brie cheese

4 slices of panini bread, butter

1/2 cup of mixed greens

1/2 cup Mayo

1/4 cup of Al Johnson’s Lingonberries

2 tsp Dijon Mustard


To make lingonberry dijonaise combine mayo, lingon, and dijon mustard. Mix until well incorporated.

Heat large skillet to medium, butter panini bread on one side and place butter sides down in the pan.

Put brie cheese on 2 slices of bread and 4oz of the turkey on the other sides cook until brown.

Place half of the greens on the brie side and spread the lingonberry dijonaise on the turkey side.

Combine brie side with turkey side to make the sandwiches and serve.