1/2 box of Al Johnson’s Swedish Pancake mix

2 eggs

2 cups of milk

4 partially cooked Potatoes

1/2 grated onion

1 T seasoning salt

1 jar of Al Johnson’s Wild Organic Swedish Lingonberries

8 strips of thick cut bacon (we recommend Nueske’s bacon).

Optional drink pairing New Glarus Spotted Cow


Fry bacon in large skillet until crispy, reserve 1 T of bacon grease for cooking, and set aside for later.

Pour Al Johnson’s Swedish Pancake Mix in large mixing bowl. Add eggs and milk then mix well.

Grate the par cooked potatoes into the batter and add grated onions and mix well.

Ladle in Potato Pancake mixture into medium high heat flipping when browned on one side then cooking the other side.

Once all the pancakes are made serve four pancakes with four slices of bacon and lingonberries on the side. Crack open the beer and enjoy.